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We are creating the definitive wiki about Grenada. Upload information, links to articles, web links, photos, references and citations about the people, places, culture, events and history that are Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

  • Make a wiki page for yourself, your village, your school, your church, your business.
  • Start a wiki page for your dance group, steel pan band or favourite calypsonian.
  • Update existing pages with links to web sites, articles or photographs.

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14 Days of Carnival

Four days of carnival not enough? how about 14 days of Carnival

Join the fight against Abuse, Incest, Rape & Domestic Violence

Abuse Action Plan

Map Grenada

Go to Zoom in on a spot in grenada and Map away. Add place names, trace roads, etc. you can do the same here too.

Grenada Carnival

Grenada Carnival 2010 music

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